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“AMECOIL” thread inserts - SCREWLOCK

Amecoil locking thread inserts
AMECOIL develops, improves and expands its standard and SR thread inserts ranges, as well as its self-locking range.

This self-locking series corresponds in all points to the conventional series, the screw threads being locked by polygonal deformation of one or more turns of the thread.

This deformation results in a powerful locking on the sides of the screw thread and counteracts the unscrewing effects of dynamic stresses, vibrations and thermal loads. The locking torques obtained are comparable with the values indicated in standard ISO 2320.

The stainless steel self-locking thread insert is recognised by its red colour.


drilling for thread inserts taping for thread insets thread inserts thread insertis sr or self-locking thread inserts locking thread inserts


From +0.1 to +1 mm of the nominal diameter of the screw.
Chamfer ≤ at the diameter
of the tap.


Performed using the AMECOIL tap.


Using tools
of the conventional series…

… or those of the SR series, for even quicker installatio.

of the drive

With the AMECOIL impact breaker or automatically.

Thread insert


Used in all industrial sectors, the classic or selflocking AMECOIL thread insert is the essential element for durable top quality assemblies. The thread insert is manufactured from diamondshaped wire and forms two high precision concentric threads, one internal and one external. Each thread insert has a engaging tang at one end for quick insertion.

Optimizing sizes offers many additional advantages, both during assembly and use :
• Easier to fit and more reliable for improved productivity,
• 100% compatible with existing Classic range tooling, so the new range can be used without any changes in buyer's or user's usual way of working.
• More economical to purchase, the improved ergonomics of the SR fitting tooling make it quicker to use and provides a self-check.

Operational advantages :
• Screwing/Unscrewing without tapping wear
• Cannot be loosened
• Even load distribution
• Resistant to corrosion and other attacks
• Less bossing
• Simplifies locking systems



Dimensions Max 1st
Min 1st
Min 5th
M3 0,43 0,12 0,08
M4 0,90 0,18 0,12
M5 1,60 0,29 0,20
M6 3,00 0,45 0,30
M8 6,00 0,85 0,60
M10 10,5 1,50 1,00
M12 15,8 2,30 1,60
M14 24,0 3,30 2,30
M16 32,0 4,50 3,00
M20 54,0 7,50 5,30
M24 80,0 11,5 8,00
Values in Nm quoted from ISO 2320 (class 8 screws)
Material Maximum
Surface coating
Standard material
Stainless steel 18.8
AISI 304 (1.4301)
AISI 302 (1.4310)
425°C (peak)

315°C (continuous)
- Dry lubrication
- Cadmium plating
- Silver plating
- Zinc plating
- Tinning
All normal applications in all materials
Special stainless steels:
AISI 304L, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321
Up to 400°C
Special applications
Resistance to acids, corrosion, high temperatures – non-magnetic
300°C (peak)
250°C (continuous)
Cadmium plating Copper parts.
High resistance to some electrolytic couples.
Inconel x 750
Nc 15 Fe Nba
750°C (peak) Silver plating Thermal power plants
Nimonic 90
Nc 20 C. 18Ti
538°C (continuous)

(*) indicative values