Ameca SA
Ameca SA

Automatic installation tool

The hole is drilled using a commercially available standard drill bit.
The AMECOIL taps can be used by hand or by machine.
Taper tap
Entry on 4 leads.
For through holes and blind holes.
Can be used on all metals and for high precision tapping.
Plug tap
Entry on 2 leads.
For through holes and blind holes.
Tapping by hand or by machine.
Straight groove machine tap with "GUN cut" entry
Entry on 4 leads.
For through holes.
The "GUN" cut drives the chips out on the other side.
Machine tap for 35° to 39° right-hand helical grooves
Entry on 2 to 3 leads.
For blind holes.
For all materials which are difficult to machine.
Special taps on request.
Inspection stamp
Allows checking the tap which must be fitted with an AMECOIL thread insert.
Conventional series

Multiple-dimension with tip + threaded pin


Multiple-dimension with threaded pin

Poinçons de rupture
They are used to break the thread drive pin.
Hand operated or automatic models available.
AMECOIL extractors are used to remove thread inserts which are incorrectly laid.