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The AMECOIL Repair kits

Used in all industrial sectors, the standard or self-locking AMECOIL® SR thread insert is indispensable for the resistance of quality assemblies.
AMECOIL® SR repair kits are indispensable for repairing all types of defective tapped holes. Regular workshop kits, they are necessary for the factory servicing and maintenance departments.
Material Maximum
Surface coating
Standard material
Stainless steel 18.8
AISI 304 (1.4301)
AISI 302 (1.4310)
425°C (peak)

315°C (continuous)
- Dry lubrication
- Cadmium plating
- Silver plating
- Zinc plating
- Tinning
All normal applications in all materials
Special stainless steels:
AISI 304L, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321
Up to 400°C
Special applications
Resistance to acids, corrosion, high temperatures – non-magnetic
300°C (peak)
250°C (continuous)
Cadmium plating Copper parts.
High resistance to some electrolytic couples.
Inconel x 750
Nc 15 Fe Nba
750°C (peak) Silver plating Thermal power plants
Nimonic 90
Nc 20 C. 18Ti
538°C (continuous
(*) indicative values
BEFORE          AFTER The thread insert is fitted by screwing it on to the AMECA instrument threaded pin, with a knob or handle, until the drive hooks on to its end. Screw the assembly into the threaded hole until the insert is completely in, then turn by 1/4 or 1/2 turn. Either with the handle

Or with the knob
(up to diameter M8)

Thread    Thread
spoilt      saved



The advantages - CAN BE USED:
for a first installation, for repair, for reworking


• Cannot come loose
The outer diameter of the AMECOIL® SR thread insert has a larger diameter than that of the threaded hole. Adhering strongly to the threaded hole, it can practically never come loose once installed.
• Resistance to corrosion and other threats
The AMECOIL® SR thread insert prevents deterioration of threads due to pulling, vibration, fatigue, seizing or corrosion while resisting the highest temperatures.
• Regular distribution of loads
• Reduction of bosses
• Resistance to premature wear
• Simplification of locking systems
From +0.1 to +1 mm of the nominal diameter of the screw.
Performed with the AMECOIL® tap.
Using the tools of the conventional series or those of the new series, for even quicker installation.
Using the threaded pin of the AMECA tool, fitted with a handle or knob.